Austin Document Drying

Whether it's caused by Austin flooding, plumbing issues, sprinkler leaks, a hurricane or fire suppression system, water damage is a building owner’s worst nightmare. 

In addition to the damage of the building envelope itself, the documents are also at risk. One serious priority that is sometimes overlooked is the potentially irreparable damage to documents, records, film and electronic media. Depending on the documents, this damage can lead to the loss of critical information and potential legal issues.

The first 24 hours are critical. Pre-selecting a disaster restoration provider will help ensure that this time frame is met with professionalism. Any minor delay can result in permanent loss as inks break down and mold and mildew begin to grow. 

Here’s why you want to use The Steam Team:

  • Available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Response time of 2 hours or less for emergency services
  • Comprehensive claims processing platform
  • Entrenched in the industry
  • Largest inventory of equipment in Central Texas
  • Unparalleled coverage area
  • Customers service is our first priority

Response time is very important when saving documents